Embroidery is a long-used process by which needles are used to add raised and decorative designs using thread to any fabric. In our business, we use industrial sized machines to create logos, patches, and names on different garments. Since opening our store over 10 years ago, one of our biggest jobs every year has become the Letterman’s Jackets that we provide to students in the area. Those jackets often feature some of our best work, which can be seen in the embroidery on the front, the patches, or the last name across the back. Whether it is artwork the customer has provided or something that we have created on our own, we are confident that the embroidery you receive from Logo Joe’s will be nothing short of top notch!


Screen Printing

Screen printing (SP) is the process by which we apply ink, press it through a prepared screen of fine material, and create a picture or pattern. Here at Logo Joe’s, we often use this method on darker products (like black tee-shirts) and on orders of large quantities. SP is a great option for school groups or for employees. We do have a minimum of 12 shirts required when ordering screen printed products but the more you order the more you save, so remember to always think of ordering as much as possible for a better price!

screen printing

DTG (Direct-To-Garment)

Direct to garment printing, also referred to as DTG, is the process of printing on textiles using specialized ink jet technology. Like printing a picture on a piece of paper, we use this process as a way to print pictures that customers provide us on a variety of garments. This allows us to deliver apparel with the most detailed, precise, and colorful art to our customers at one of our most cost-effective prices! Just remember – DTG printing is only possible in light-colored garments and products!

direct to garment printing

Lettermen Jackets

Using high quality jackets and patches along with careful design, Logo Joe's is the premier source for your customized letterman jacket! Please note that on Saturdays, jacket orders are by appointment only.

letterman jacket


We carry a large inventory of sports, achievement, and year patches to customize your letterman jacket or item. We also make custom patches too!


Heat Press

For one to multiple fixed color designs, heat press provides the means to permanently adhere vinyl (which comes in a wide spectrum of different colors) to a product such as t-shirts, bags, and other items.

heat press

Promotional Items

We offer personalization on a huge selection of items: bags, pens, bottles, and much, much, more!

promotional items


Make a huge impact for your sports team or event! We make giant-sized banners customized to order.



Add sparkle to your item with bling (also known as rhinestones).


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